Creative enthusiasts, rebels with our hearts in it, digital gurus and visual wizards. That’s us, a great team sailing through the digital world.


We develop websites, e-shops and other complex technical solutions.

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  • Websites/Landing page
  • Eshop
  • Software
  • E-commerce
  • iOS
  • Android

We provide consistent communication within the digital environment.

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  • Digital communication strategy
  • Social media management
  • Brand strategies
  • 360° campaigns
  • PPC

We provide consistent communication within the digital environment.

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We create multimedia content. Behind a camera, screen, computer or a piece of paper.

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  • Graphic design
  • Video/photo production
  • 360° / VR
  • Copywriting

Our style of work

How do we work? Always together.

In our meeting room is a round table with noone sitting at the head.

We’ll listen to your story.

We know how to listen. There is no uninteresting story.

We prepare a comprehensive strategy.

And launch your products or services into the digital world.

Our team

I like leading the team, coming up with and implementing ideas for creative campaigns that benefit our clients. Digital first? Yes! When I’m not working I love to travel, play tennis or basketball and I am a music connoisseur as well.

Martin J.


I love technology. I created my first website when I was 13 years old in a library, which had free internet access during weekends. Since then I’m constantly educating myself and that’s why I have an outreach to other fields as well.

Martin K.

Co-Founder / Performance

I am happy to help clients in pursuing their goals and visions. I always try to put myslef in their shoes and prepare campaigns, which not only will fulfill their purpose, but most of all the client’s expectations. My hobbies include sport, travelling and dance music.


Account Manager

I always wanted to create something. Through graphic design, I got into photography and from photography to social network management. Here I have the opportunity to use all my skills and learn something new. In my free time I like to paint, practice yoga and spend time with friends. Yeah, and I love coffee.


Social media manager

You can always find me behind a monitor or a camera. I shoot, cut and also create graphics. However I keep wondering why haven’t I done anything for you yet? :)


Graphic designer/Videomaker


Idea maker / Copywriter

I started programming in my childhood, I programmed simple pages and games in Game Maker. Gradually I got to web applications. At school, I started my career in a company with work for American clients and created customized systems.


Backend programátor

For 7 years I have been creating modern web pages with an emphasis on loading speed and code quality. I try to avoid clunky javascript and use the power of CSS.


Front-end programátor

I'm a product and creative designer from Prague with a primary focus on UX Design, UI Design, Design Thinking, and management with 10+ years of professional career with references from SKODA-AUTO, Bentley, Microsoft, IBM, Cemex, PPF Group or Société Générale.


Product/Creative designer

Nowadays, the web development is driven by pile of rules, best-practices and robust methodics. But, the core of the thing stays - creativity. Creativity is present in all parts of the web development process. Starting with web design, where aestethics with usability must find the common way, ending with backend logic.


Full-stack developer



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